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The perfect way to capture your little persons first day of Kindergarten, Year 1 and so on.

Available in either pink, blue red or yellow these school boards are made from MDF with an acrylic black piece placed on top. The background size is A4 with the acrylic being 21cm wide x 14cm high.. Designs are made using high quality vinyl. A liquid chalkboard marker must be used for the acrylic, these are readily available instore or I can add one to your order. Once done just wipe away ready for next year.

Available in either single side (first day only) or double sided (first and last day)

The options to personalise are:

1) Add a name or have no name – No name is best for more than 1 child using the board.
2) Add Kindgergarten, Prep, Year or leave it blank – leaving it blank allows you to use the board for other activities – ie swimming, soccer etc.
3) Single sided – First day only or
4) Double sided – First day one side, Last day reverse side

If you choose to have Kindergarten or Prep you will receive 1 or 2 (depending if you purchase double sided) year decals for no additional charge. Simply peel off previous word and apply year – try not to leave the previous word on for months and months, it will create a shadow where the existing word was.
For an additional cost, if you don’t like your handwriting you can purchase numbers 1-6 and 7-12 decals to apply.

Due to the custom nature of my products, please allow up to 10 business days for your school board to be made.

Please note that the light blue and pink boards pictured above are the previously style chalkboards (3 years ago) the sizing was changed to accomodate safer shipping, the design is still the same.

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