RTS – Pet Tag




The pet tags found here are tags that have already been made to the colours.. They just need a name & phone number added then sealed in resin.
You can add up to 2 phone numbers on the back of the tag.

2 sizes are available:

Bone: 5.5cm wide x 3.5cm high x approx 0.600mm thick

Circle: 4.5cm x approx 0.600mm thick.

Included with each tag is an inner jump ring inside the tag for added strength and also a jump ring & key ring for attaching to collars.

  • Resin tags are durable but they are not indestructible and can still break. These tags are decorative and not intended to be used or worn by dogs who like to chew on their tags regularly.
  • Immediately remove from the collar if the dog has broken, chewed or damaged in any way.

Delivery: Please allow up to 2 business days for your pet tag to be finished.

Some more details about these RTS Tags:
#1: Chunky purple glitter
#2: Chunky purple glitter
#3: Purple glitter that changes to dark glitter in the sun
#4: Holographic silver stars and shapes
#5: Purple/Blue colour shift glitter
#6: Black Holographic
#7: Hot Pink glitter
#8: Hot Pink no glitter
#9: Mickey glitter heads
#10: Bright orange – smaller size 5cm
#11: Purple/Blue colour shift glitter – smaller size 5cm
#12: Purple pastel chunky glitter – smaller size 5cm
#13: Gold Holographic with Santa heads
#14: White with pink speck glitter – smaller size 5cm
#15: Lime glitter – smaller size 5cm
#16: Pinkish red glitter – smaller size 5cm
#17: Light blue glitter
#18: Blue with pink specks
#19: Pink glitter
#20: Black Holographic glitter
#21: Chunky blue glitter
#22: Purple pastel chunky glitter
#23: Pinkish red glitter


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