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Everyone’s favourite bear.. This is an acrylic tumbler. It comes with a clear BPA free straw. The ears are glittered and covered with resin to ensure no glitter comes off. The print is a fabric design, also sealed with resin. You can select to have the bottom left as acrylic or covered in the yellow glitter.
The inside of the tumbler may be red,yellow, blue or black. You cannot see this from the outside though.

As with all hand-crafted items, slight imperfections exist. These variations do not detract from the beauty and/or functionality, however they do add character and charm that cannot be duplicated with items that have been mass produced. You will not be disappointed in the design or construction of these quality pieces. Each cup is hand coated in multiple layers of FDA approved epoxy. In short, it’s food safe epoxy. Your design will be sealed into the epoxy so it will not come off your cup getting in.

It is still recommended to handwash your tumbler only as the dishwasher can pop the insulated seals inside your tumbler, along with the heat from the dishwasher compromise the resin. Please be careful when handling epoxy items. As amazing as they are, if dropped from height they may crack.

Delivery: Please allow 12 business days for your tumbler to be made.

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