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Are you up for the challenge?
The challenge is every time you receive a $5 note put it away, if you break a larger note and get $5 notes…Put them away. Save all of your $5 notes for an entire year, don’t count or spend any of it until the challenge is complete. Some people have collected thousands of dollars with this method.

There is a slot on top of the frame to drop your money in. To get your money out, simply take the back off. Design is on the outside of the glass. It is not recommended to hang your frame if you are putting mostly coins in it due to the weight.

Small size – 7×5 inches
Large size – 8×10 inches

Pick your colours above and have a money box made just for you. Name will be made as exactly as entered. 
This product is only the $5 challenge. Money box will have $5 note challenge underneath your name text. If you are after a money box that is not the $5 challenge, do not order from this product page. You can find personalised money boxes here 

Delivery: Due to the custom nature of my products and the current high demand of money boxes please allow up to 10 business days for your money box to be made. If you need it sooner please contact me to see what can be arranged. A $8 rush fee may apply.

Note: Please remember you are ordering a handmade money box, not something stamped out by a machine. As with any handmade item there are differences in the exact construction, therefore the money box may vary slightly from the photos shown. The money box you see in the photo may not be the exact color and pattern you receive. Every money box is made out of premium quality pine. Knots and wood grain will vary from piece to piece, but adds to the beauty and originality of the sign. It simply shows the natural character within the wood. The timber is unfinished, however it has been sanded.

Money not included in box 😉

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